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Abdullah cuts to the chase. He is a trucker and has traveled the entire country. He doesn’t love his work—at times he cannot stand the monotony of it and how long it keeps him away from his family. But with all his money wrapped up in debt on his truck, he is chained to the road. Long drives are alleviated by good company—his brother, his uncle, and cleaner—there is a kind of family on the road. They all keep the journey lively with jokes and ghost stories and folk songs. But the real surprise comes when they are asked to reflect on their country and its place in the world, and then trucker wisdom outpaces all expectations. As he says, “We are the drivers, we’ve seen everywhere and everything.” If you have a question about Pakistan, he’s experienced it firsthand. He has seen the country, he has tasted all its character and flavor, and can offer some unique reflections on what he has observed: why the UN never helps Pakistan, what the US really wants, why India and Pakistan need to become brothers again, why Saudia needs to mind its own business. When he settles into Quetta, the picture completes itself and he reunites with his family. We’re finally given a window into why he works so hard and why he believes so passionately that the country needs to find a new direction.

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