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Without Shepherds is one of the most visually impressive and insightful docs in recent memory.  The film simply and effectively shatters stereotypes about Pakistan, revealing diversity of thought and hope for the future.”


“A thoughtful portrait into the lives of some of this troubled country’s citizens, who despite their differences of class and ideology, share a longing for a better way of life.”


“Inspiring and harrowing at the same time…”


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“The star power of Imran Khan, Vaneeza Ahmed and Arieb Azhar gives Without Shepherds an edge, yet other subjects such as a Peshawari female journalist, a truck driver and an ex-Taliban warrior give the production an interesting, human dimension.”


“[Without Shepherds] hopes to bring a different view to the world of Pakistan and her people.”


“Each of the character’s journeys was unique, but their shared struggle for justice made the “film a very emotional experience” for those involved. They are connected because they all went against the mold.”